The First Stoney Cove Weekend of the Year

The 16th & 17th March saw our first expedition to Stoney Cove this year, with a selection of our divers for a fun filled weekend, dusting of the cobwebs of the winter.

Ollie, Michael and Blake had a good explore, Gavin completed his sidemount training with Ashley, we inducted Rosie into the fold, and Debbie finally got back to her happy place - submerged in a body of water!

The visibility on the 7m shelf was passable, and as we descended into the depths of the Stanegarth and the wrecks of the Defiant, Belinda and APC, the view opened up to a more acceptable distance. We lucked out with the weather too, not to chilly to warm up between dives after 7 degrees in the water. A predicted wash out Sunday turned into a glorious sunny day as we emerged from the first dive.

Nessie had also received a new bit of bling on her tail - the infamous squoon.

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