Join Ipswich Scuba for a weekend diving at at the acclaimed UK’s finest Inland dive site on the edge of the lake district!

Upcoming Weekends

September 6th - September 8th 2024

With underwater features which include:

  • Exceptional visibility and the second cleanest recreational bathing water in the UK (that’s official!).

  • The finest stock of fish in any diving Centre, anywhere! Huge shoals of roach and perch, together with vast numbers of extremely friendly trout (!) and of course, our world-famous sturgeons, two of which are six feet long.

  • Purpose-designed training platforms at depths from 2 meters to 12 meters to satisfy every training requirement.

  • Jetty with two piers for deep-water entry to simulate hard boat recovery.

  • Concrete slipway for entry/exit to training area platforms.

  • Two clear, buoyed, and graduated training areas with two non-slip platforms positioned in 2 and 6 meters of water.

  • Underwater cave to simulate lining-out techniques for wreck/cave diving.

  • Numerous underwater attractions including; the African Queen, a look-a-like vessel in the Humphrey Bogart Film at 12 meters, The Gypsy Moth- a spitting image of a yacht with the same name at 17 meters, Lord Lucan and Shergar the famous fiberglass horses from Blackpool Pleasure Beach and much more.


The overall plan of our Capernwray Weekends - 

Drive up on the Friday and stay at our accommodation. Some people plan to leave early and dive on Friday or you can come up in the evening and dive the Saturday and Sunday only.

Dive Saturday

Dive Sunday

Return Home Sunday Night or you can come home Monday if you prefer.

There is the option to do a course with us if you want to add this to the weekend, let us know the course you wish to do and we will try and accommodate. Suitable courses for you to complete over the weekend are Dry Suit, Wreck, and Navigation, but we are open to others if you prefer.

Contact us for a brochure and more details.