Your equipment is your lifeline, it is important to you therefore it is important to us


Why Service your gear?

You have taken the time and effort to purchase your dive equipment which is your lifeline in Scuba Diving. To keep it in good condition and to ensure you can dive safely it is essential to have your equipment regularly serviced by an Authorized Service Centre.

Here at Ipswich Scuba we know the importance of caring for and maintaining your equipment so it will last you years.
Ipswich Scuba has a fully equipped workshop and cylinder service station to cater for your servicing requirements; including regulatory & equipment servicing, cleaning and if the time arrives repairs and amendments.

Here at Ipswich Scuba, our technicians have undergone extensive training and are qualified to service all major diving brands to the highest quality of service.

What is servicing?

A service of equipment involves the strip down and cleaning of parts, with a detailed inspection and replacing all necessary parts in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. Finally, for regulators, the service will conclude with the tuning to the optimum settings.

It doesn’t end there, even other equipment sometimes need a little TLC for example Cameras, Fins, Snorkels, Masks, Watches, Torches, and Strobes. If you need something serviced, repaired or just checked out, just pop it into the shop, where we will book it in and get your gear working like new as soon as we can.

Turnaround time

For us here at Ipswich Scuba, we believe the quality of the servicing is of paramount importance and while we endeavour to get your equipment back to you as soon as possible, please understand that these will take time. When you book in your items we will inform you of our turnaround time and try to get it as best as we can to suit your needs.