Cylinder Fills

Whether you are a diver needing an air fill, an air rifle user, air soft, or paintballer and need an air fill, we can help. We can carry out air fills up to 300 Bar, and for divers, we can blend Nitrox and Trimix air fills.

How long will I need to wait?

Air Fill:
  • It only takes us about 5 - 10 minutes! (to fill one cylinder). Please note it may take longer if your cylinder is low on air. The slower the fill the better for you. 
  • We can fill PCP Airsoft cylinders, whilst you wait. 
  • It only takes us about 30 minutes plus, depending on the mix required (to fill one cylinder)
Please give us as much time as possible to complete your Nitrox fill, this is so that we can ensure the accuracy of the mix. You may be required to leave your tanks with us for the fill as we need a qualified gas blender on site. Please be assured, we will get the fill done as soon as we can. 

  • Subject to availability

If you wish to leave your cylinder with us to fill it and collect it later, no problem!

Requirements for an air fill:

Ensure your cylinder is in test!

European standards mean that the testing dates and standards are regularly changing. Always ensure that your cylinder(s) is in test to avoid disappointment from being refused by a dive centre because it is out of date. If you are not sure your cylinder is in test, click here for our cylinder servicing page or contact us for help.

Is your cylinder totally empty?

For the safety of our staff, any cylinder presented totally empty will be subject to an inspection fee. This is so we can check for corrosion, moisture, and any foreign contaminants inside the cylinder. It also allows us to check that the valve is installed in the cylinder correctly and to inspect the threads of both the valve and the cylinder.