North Norfolk Diving Days

Calling All Divers!

Come and Dive the North Norfolk Coast with Us!

If you are a diver who just wants to go diving, these one of these day trips or all of them are for you!

The Main Sites

In North Norfolk, along the 5-mile stretch between Cley-Next-to-the-sea and Weybourne there are 2 wrecks from the Great War within swimming distance of the shore. These are The Rosalie and The Vera. Also, nearby are the Norfolk Chalk Reefs.

Both these wrecks are not very deep down so make good grounds for divers of all levels and abilities and provide a good opportunity of some excellent UK Sea diving. The Vera is in 5-6 metres of water and the Rosalie can be found at 9 metres deep. Surrounding chalk reefs are also shallow at between 4 and 7 metres deep. Whilst the diving is not deep the surrounding life is vibrant with lots to be seen including lobsters, crabs, pipefish, bass, mackerel and more.

The Plan

This is fairly independent in diving. You will need to let Ipswich Scuba know you are coming so we can send out the details of the dive site we intend to go to, timings for the day and where we shall meet for the day. You make your own way there, bring your own equipment (available to hire from Ipswich Scuba), meet up with your dive buddies and go diving.

The Dates we have scheduled*
Saturday 3rd August
Saturday 14th September
Sunday 29th September
*These dates are subject to weather and tides.
To book on please contact us.