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SSI Referral Diver

SSI Referral Diver

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Interested in diving abroad and getting your Open Water diver certification - why not do the pool and academic stuff here in the UK first, so you can make the most of your sunny destination Open Water Dives. 

Complete your academic and pool training now and open water training later.

Life gets busy. We understand that, so created the Referral Diver program to meet your needs. It is the best way to learn to dive if you want to complete some but not all of your training now.

This flexible program allows you to do your academic and pool training now, and then complete your open-water training at a later date.

You can take your time and work around your schedule, knowing your Referral Diver certification gives you 6 months to finish the open water training.

You can complete all of your training at home or go on vacation and do your open water training in warm water with the sun shining overhead

Learning to dive is much easier than you think.

ACADEMIC SESSIONS - 1 x Classroom orientation, Online theory, and  1 short classroom session to close. 

Once you have registered for your course, we will send you your diving materials and will contact you to arrange your classroom orientation, book your pool sessions, and get you started.

Your 90-minute pool sessions will take place on a Tuesday evening with high-quality instructors and equipment to ensure comfort through your sessions where you will learn new skills and experience the magical underwater world.

All sessions will be briefed and guided by one of the fantastic instructors who will be with you every step or fin stroke of the way.

Our Open Water Referral Certification includes:

A referral certification

Most of the equipment

All materials, manuals and online certifications

All Pool fees

All air fills

Instructor time

Come join us on an amazing journey. Contact us for more information.

Buying this for a gift? Let us know and we can send a gift certificate to give to your loved one their special day.

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