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SSI Try SCR Diving - (Semi-Closed Rebreather Diving)

SSI Try SCR Diving - (Semi-Closed Rebreather Diving)

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Try SCR DIving (Semi-Closed Rebreather Diving)

For divers seeking to leave their large scuba cylinder behind, sign up for an SSI Try SCR Diving experience today! In this introductory SCR course, you will try a revolutionary semi-closed rebreather system that is easy to use, natural to dive, and designed with all levels of diver in mind. The Mares Horizon is in a class of its own amongst semi-closed rebreathers.

Enjoy a new experience diving with fewer bubbles, improved buoyancy, and increased dive time. The Mares Horizon semi-closed rebreather is the perfect companion for avid photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. Get up close and personal with marine life; Try SCR Diving today!

Endless scuba diving adventures are waiting for you! and this course is where it all begins. Start today! 

Our try dive program includes:

All kit hire
1 x class orientation (morning or afternoon only)
Pool Fees
Air Fills
Instructor time

Our pool sessions usually take place on a Tuesday Evening from 7:15 pm. 

Course Structure
1 x academic orientation session - usually on a Saturday morning or afternoon
1 x pool session - usually on a Tuesday evening
Experience is registered on SSI

Course requirements
Minimum Age - 16
Number of confined water sessions - 1-2
Minimum Dives for certification - 12
Maximum Training Depth - 12 metres
Academic Sessions - 1

Contact us to book and for more information. 

Buying this for a gift? Let us know and we can send a gift certificate to give to your loved one their special day.

Let’s start your semi-closed rebreather diving adventure today.

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