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Ipswich Scuba

SSI Scuba Skills Update

SSI Scuba Skills Update

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Not dived for a while?

Need to practice your skills before your open water training dives?

It is easy for dive skills to get rusty and to lose confidence when you have not dived for a while.

With the SSI Scuba Skills Update, we will get you back in the water and diving with ease in no time.

Our scuba refresher course allows you to review and practice scuba skills you learned in your Open Water Diver program, under the guidance of an SSI Professional. 

This is a great course to take just before a dive holiday, so you spend less time worrying about your skills and more time admiring the marine life.

If you are a non-certified Open Water Diver student, a Scuba Skills Update is ideal for practicing your dive skills before your open water training dives. 

Start diving again now!

Minimum age - 10
Prerequisites - Open Water Diver or Non-Certified Open Water Diver who has completed all confined water dives.
Amount of Confined Water Sessions - 1

Our Scuba Skills Update programme includes:

All kit hire

Pool Fees

Air Fills

Instructor time

If applicable - online material and re-certification

Our pool sessions usually take place on a Tuesday Evening from 19:15pm. 

Buying a Scuba Skills Update for a gift? Let us know and we can send a gift certificate to give to your loved on to gift them on their special day.

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