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SSI Shark Ecology

SSI Shark Ecology

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Expand your comfort zone and overcome the misunderstandings of sharks!

Sharks have a bad reputation for eating anything and being bad, and we humans are becoming more fearful of them. However, by taking the SSI Shark Ecology program you will learn that they are not as bad as they seem, nor are they as vicious or dangerous as people believe. 

In fact, You will learn :

  • How important sharks are, 
  • Why they are misunderstood
  • How they hunt, live, and breed
  • How to interpret shark behaviour
  • How  to dive with sharks safely
  • and much more!!!!

This is a perfect course for shark fans and for divers who are nervous about sharks but want to overcome their fear or if you are a shark lover and want to learn more to educate others! 

Upon completion of this program, you will earn your SSI Shark Ecology Specialty certification and no doubt become an avid shark diver.

Start today! Once you have paid and registered with us, we will release the online materials for you to read at your leisure and then join us for a seminar at the shop to join other shark enthusiasts and explore more. 

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